New Bangla Comedy Natok | নতুন বাংলা কমেডি হাসির নাটক | ভূমিকা টিভি

বাংলা কমেডি হাসির নাটক এই হাসির নাটক টি করেছেন চার বন্ধু নাম নবী, মাহফিল, খলিল, লিমন। এরা অনেক দুস্ত বন্ধু মজা করতে ভাল বাসে

IN This video we show new Funny Videos Some Funny Videos. This video we show Best fun video compilation ever . Now this time people love New bangla comedy they love and enjoy best New bangla comedy We love Best bangla comedy ever. So boys create New bangla comedy Videos . This time youtube is most propular source of Entertainment so New bangla comedy Videos is most propular in this times . A baby walk in road in this time a man bit him . The baby name Ismail he go to his big brother and say Juwel bit him . Ismail big brother name Siam. Siam and his friends aminul, EKlas they fine juwel and get him . They bit juwel. Siam, ismail, Aminul and Eklas bit Juwel . This time Juwel are many injury . Juwel go to his big brother his name Black Limon. Black Limon and his friends go to Siam team and quarel . At a times they fright each and other. At this time A big brother came this plase his name dada vai . He meetup they and stop this fright. and go to visiting nice plase. So they boys enjoy this time and dancing. they dancing and dancing more and more . this time the funny natok bangla are close camara man: tuhin camara man 2 : Amir Thanks to See this funny Bangla Natok Our Vumika TV Team is so funny. The team member name Lemon, Aminul islam, BAbu, Arman hoseen they do not Distube other person.


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